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Fire Damage Cleanup

Structure fires are one of the most deadly disasters that can strike your home or business. Within minutes, flames can destroy and severely damage large sections of your property. Without immediate attention, this damage can continue to harm your home or business for years to come. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration provides the emergency fire damage cleanup you need after a building fire in your area.

Even after flames are quelled, the effects of a structure fire can continue to add damage to your home or business if the proper restoration actions are not taken. Our fire damage cleanup services are on call 24/7 and can jump into action immediately upon reaching the scene.

Our restoration teams approach a situation in the following step-by-step process:

  1. Emergency services ensure that immediate action is taken to protect your building from further damage. This includes damage assessments, bulk debris cleanup, water cleanup, fume removal, and systems checks.

  2. Packout and board up action must be taken immediately after emergency services are in motion. To protect your belongings, we inventory, pack, transport, and store all items in climate-controlled warehouses. We also board up areas of your building that may be exposed to further damage from weather or theft during restoration.

  3. Cleanup and mitigation services restore your home to pre-loss condition, including smoke and soot removal, reconstruction services, HVAC cleaning, carpet and upholstery restoration, surface refinishing, detail carpentry, glass cleaning, deodorizing, insulation replacement, crawl space and attic cleaning, and hard-surface floor restoration.

  4. Finalization services are the last step in a comprehensive recovery from fire damage. For full restoration, we sanitize surfaces, dry clean and launder clothing and other fabrics, dehydrate any remaining moisture, restore your belongings, and provide a full-building assessment.

You don’t have to handle the cleanup after a fire alone. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today at 1-800-584-3364 for our emergency fire damage cleanup services.


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